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Export Management of Garments as a Factory in China

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Suzhou Xinyu Garments co., Ltd has been in the apparel industry since 1992 as a China garments manufacturer. We would love to share with you our management experiences.

  • Cost management

Procurement of fabric and trims required for bulk production must be controlled according to the quotation per unit consumption and price which cannot exceed the quotation cost. If the changes of the construction work by guests will increase our cost, we must inform the customers in time to strive for their understanding and safeguard our interests. Calculate the actual production costs after shipment, and summarize the profit and loss status.

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  •  Production plan management. 


After the formal PO is received, a precise production plan will be made covering the confirmed production cycle of the accessories, bulk fabrics, and garments, shipping duration, the expected departure date and the date of arrival at the guest warehouse.

  • Precise management of production process


1. Sample management. 

When the order starts to operate, fitting sample, pre-production sample and top sample should be confirmed one after another with the customer. The production cycle of each round of sample clothing is generally not more than 7 days, strictly in accordance with the construction document size, every detail cannot be neglected; the construction documents must be concise and accurate. Communicate with the production team in time to ensure that the customer's requirements are understood. Once the sample is finished, it should be checked each detail carefully, if it does not meet the requirements, fix it immediately to ensure that there are no problems before sending it to the clients. After receiving the guest's sample comments carefully study and correct it according to the comments to solve the problem for the clients. If after careful study, the customer's request does not work, then the customer must be informed euphemistically, clearly and reasonably.

2.Procurement management of fabric and accessories.

 At the same time of making samples, prepare the quality and color samples of fabric and accessories for customers to confirm. After confirming all the fabric and accessories, accurately calculate the unit consumption. Purchase after approval by the relevant leaders and order.

3. Bulk production management

The bulk production can start going online after pre-production samples approved. Construction documents, size sheet, production plan, approved samples, bulk fabric and accessories sample card, materials list must be provided to the production department's; subsequent packaging and shipping information such as packaging, folding method, packing list, box label, carton plastic bag requirements, etc. can be provided one after another, and all information should also be provided to our related QC. The information provided must be correct, clear, and understandable by the production department and QC. When necessary, communicate and explain face-to-face to avoid misunderstandings, causing unnecessary disputes.

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4.QC management

Before the bulk order goes online, QC should arrive at the factory and work in accordance with QC's factory work rules and regulations. The quantity of the fabric and accessories must be reviewed, and the problems are reported truthfully. After the production starts, QC will keep track of the production progress, report the production progress every Monday and the report including the number of production teams, the number of people in each group, and the daily capacity of each group, calculate the actual production cycle, and compare with the expected production cycle. QC closely monitors every link of the production process and the problem found requires to be immediately reflected and resolved. QC conducts a mid-term inspection when all the sewing work finished. End inspection should be started after half quantity of the bulk order finished products packed in cartons.  

The inspection report must be carefully studied. Identify the problems in the bulk goods and request the factory to improve. If it is really impossible to improve, the factory is required to guarantee the shipment according to the situation.

5.    Transportation management

Inform the shipping personnel of the required shipping schedule, carton box dimensions, net &gross weight, qty of pieces, PO price and other information 15 days before shipment, so as to arrange the shipping and prepare the shipping documents in advance. After the goods are completed. It is necessary to cooperate with the shipping department to track the shipment data and inform the actual shipping information. At the same time, it is necessary to feedback the final shipping data to the clients in time and the difference compared with the order quantity.

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