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Tide cards are small and numerous.

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In the eyes of today's young people, although Adidas, LV, GUCCl and other traditional brands and luxury brands are still within the scope of their hunt, but with the added attitude and spiritual expression of the tide, is becoming more and more popular.

According to Nielsen's big data analysis, in 2017, the growth rate of Chao brand consumption was 3.7 times that of non-chao brand, 62% and 17% respectively.

Data from Ali also show that the tide brand market has maintained a continuous warming trend in the past three years, with online search volume of tide brand goods increasing by more than 60% in 2017, and consumption volume increasing by 260% year-on-year.

The main groups that stimulate the consumption of tide brands are mainly young people who are mainly after 95 and 00. According to CBNData's 2007 Internet Fashion Consumption Trend Report, the preference of "tide brand" shows the young people's mentality of pursuing individuality and freshness, especially "tide brand", the younger the age, the higher the preference for "tide brand", especially the preference for "tide brand" after 95 and 00.

For these rising fashion younger consumers, who used to look down on big brands and luxury accessories, they are also putting down their postures and cooperating with them: LV and Supreme's cross-border collaboration, Givenchy's contacts with Japan's Tidal Rottweiler have released dog-headed T-shirts and sweaters, Gucci has also played with street graffiti and complex animal totems.


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